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When Your Hyundai Needs Wheel Alignment Service, Visit Swope Hyundai in Elizabethtown, KY

Your Hyundai model is nothing short of remarkable. It combines quality, value, safety, and comfort into one attractive car or SUV. The wheels play a significant role in this, which means that improperly aligned wheels can cause lots of problems and compromise your driving experience. When you need to have your wheels aligned, we are here to help at Swope Hyundai, serving Radcliff and Vine Grove, Kentucky. Find out more about wheel alignment service on this page, and then stop by our service center to see why drivers from Hodgenville, Lebanon Junction, and beyond choose Swope Hyundai for all their Hyundai service needs.


What Is Wheel Alignment?

When you come to Swope Hyundai for a wheel alignment service, our technicians will inspect the camber, toe, and caster angles of your wheels. These angles refer to different ways that the wheels tilt. Camber angle refers to the angle of the wheels’ tilt when viewed from the front or rear; wheels that tilt inwards at the top have negative camber, while wheels that tilt inwards at the bottom have positive camber. Toe refers to the angle of the wheels’ tilt when viewed from below or above, while caster angle measures how much the steering axis differs from vertical.

If our technicians find that these angles are not up to factory specifications, they will use precision instruments to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned.

Four-Wheel Alignment Service

Four-Wheel Alignment

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Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Two-Wheel Alignment

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Does My Hyundai Need Two-Wheel Alignment or All-Wheel Alignment?

In general, vehicles with front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive will require only two-wheel alignment, while all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles will need all-wheel alignment. There are some exceptions; for example, a four-wheel drive vehicle with a solid rear axle may only need two-wheel alignment.

What Are the Signs of Misaligned Wheels?

If your vehicle’s wheels are not properly aligned, there may be several symptoms. The most commonly noticed one is a vehicle that veers to the left or right, even when you’re driving on a straight road. However, there are other potential symptoms like an uneven steering wheel or squealing tires. If you let your vehicle’s wheels stay misaligned for too long, you may have to deal with unevenly worn tires. However, since these symptoms are not always obvious at first, we recommend getting annual alignment inspections.

Hyundai Wheel Alignment Service

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