Used Hyundai Buying Guides

  • Used Car Articles

    • Used Hyundai Accent

      The used Hyundai Accent is a subcompact car, available as a sedan or hatchback, that's known for its fuel-efficient ride, modern tech features, and a surprisingly roomy cabin. If you're shopping the used market, you'll find a lot to like about the Accent. Check out our guide to the used Hyundai Accent to learn more about how it's changed over the years.

    • Used Hyundai Azera

      The Hyundai Azera is a mid-size sedan that's known for its capacious cabin, classy design, and high-end comfort and convenience features. In this highly competitive segment, the used Hyundai Azera stands out as a top pick. Its spacious, accommodating cabin is a great pick for families. Under the hood, the Azera balances superb power with money saving fuel economy. Before you choose your used Hyundai Azera, check out our buying guide to learn what's changed over the years.

    • Used Hyundai Elantra

      The used Hyundai Elantra is a small sedan that makes an excellent pick for drivers who want a smooth, thrifty ride, modern tech gear, and spacious seating. Once a great pick for economy buyers, the Elantra has quickly become one of the most attractive options in the segment. Check out our used guide to learn more about how these small sedans have changed over the years.

    • Used Hyundai Genesis

      The used Hyundai Genesis is a luxury sedan that offers a silky smooth performance, refined comfort, and modern tech features. It's the perfect pick for anyone who craves the finer things. On the road, you'll enjoy a calm, quiet ride. Inside, there's more than enough room for everyone. High-end features add to the cabin's upscale style. Check out our used Hyundai Genesis buying guide to learn more about how these models have evolved over the years.

    • Used Hyundai Sonata

      The Hyundai Sonata is a family-friendly mid-size sedan that provides supreme passenger comfort, modern tech features, and excellent warranty coverage. Used buyers can choose from models that range of sporty to completely luxurious. Thanks to high levels of safety, you'll enjoy peace of mind on the highway. Take the Sonata out for a test drive today!

    • Used Hyundai Veloster

      The used Hyundai Veloster is a compact hatchback that offers major appeal with its sporty design, features-rich cabin, and fuel-efficient ride. Its unique three-door design is unlike anything else in this segment, and it gives passengers easy access to the rear seats. Tech junkies will love the Veloster cabin, which is handsomely equipped with modern infotainment options. It's a solid pick for used buyers, offering all the latest safety gear and extremely competitive fuel economy. Check out our guide to the used Hyundai Veloster to learn more.

  • Used Suv Articles

    • Used Hyundai Santa Fe

      The used Hyundai Santa Fe is a mid-size crossover SUV that gives you the star treatment, combining car-like maneuverability with SUV-style utility. It's big on passenger and cargo space, offering three rows of seating and generous accommodations for your favorite people. This latest generation is especially good with tech features, providing all the best infotainment and smartphone integration options. Throughout its lifetime, the Santa Fe has set the bar for safety, making it a family-friendly option. On the road, the Santa Fe's car-based platform makes it easy to negotiate tight city grids. Its SUV-like power makes it a great candidate for adventurous rides and steep grades.

    • Used Hyundai Santa-Fe Sport

      The Hyundai Santa-Fe Sport is an athletic crossover SUV that's designed to maximize passenger space, on-road performance, and modern tech features. With room for up to five, the Santa-Fe Sport is the perfect pick for families and outdoor enthusiasts. You'll also find that this compact crossover is versatile and big on cargo space. Its status as a newer model means that even used buyers can expect an impressive range of high-tech safety and infotainment gear. Finally, Hyundai's generous warranty coverage puts the cherry on this excellent crossover SUV. Take a Santa-Fe Sport out for a test drive today!

    • Used Hyundai Tucson

      The used Hyundai Tucson, a compact crossover SUV, is a great pick because it offers excellent interior space, utility, and an attractive price tag. When you get behind the wheel, you'll enjoy a commanding view of traffic and substantial safety features. And that's only the beginning - the Tucson's family-friendly cabin is big on legroom and tech gear. Check out our guide to the used Hyundai Tucson to learn more about why this compact crossover is right for you.