2019 Hyundai Santa Fe vs Toyota Highlander

Take your family on an adventure-whether up the highway or off the beaten track-in mid-size crossovers like the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Highlander. But which of these sporty crossovers is more your flavor? Our comparison guide helps you sort out the details.

Best Overall Value: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

We've got to admit that both of these crossovers have it where it counts in the comfort department. The Santa Fe has roomy digs for five, and the Highlander even adds a third-row seat if you're into that. But, ultimately, Hyundai's crossover is the better value.

Hyundai's mid-size crossover comes with both the thriftiest price tag and the more substantial standard lineup. You read that right: more features at a lower rate. The starting price of $25,500 includes complete smartphone integration (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and four USB ports (two front, two rear). The Santa Fe's standard gear also boosts convenience-think Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity and LED daytime running lights.

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Technology

The Highlander has a substantially higher starting price of $31,330, and the Toyota delivers fewer standard features to boot. The nerve! What you do get on the base Highlander is pretty cool: like the sliding and reclining second-row seat and five USB ports (three in the front, two in the rear). Unfortunately, though, the Highlander doesn't offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at all, so its hands-free smartphone access is lacking.

Smartest Safety Features: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

First, the good news: both of these mid-size crossovers come standard with a ton of safety aids. The Santa Fe and Highlander even earned similar crash-test scores, including perfect five-star ratings in government tests.

There's no bad news per se, but the Santa Fe actually comes standard with a longer list of high-tech safety aids. Both get potentially life-saving features like forward collision mitigation and lane keeping assist. But the Hyundai's mid-size crossover adds to your safety net with items like driver attention warning (to let you know when it's time to pull into a rest stop) and Safe Exit Assist (that secures the doors if it senses a vehicle approaching from behind).

Biggest Fuel Savings: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

When you've got a long commute, every little bit of extra fuel mileage can mean big savings at the end of the year. Choose the Santa Fe and you'll eke out the most from your fuel budget, thanks to top EPA ratings of 22 city/29 highway mpg.

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe on the Road

The Toyota Highlander might be the more powerful of the pair, but it definitely sets you back a little bit at the gas pump. Depending on how its powertrain is configured, the Highlander earns up to 21/27 mpg.

Most Towing Flex: 2019 Toyota Highlander

The Highlander is definitely the strongest of the pair. With the V6 engine upgrade, a properly equipped Highlander can tow max loads of 5,000 pounds. So what does that mean for you? Well, for starters, the Highlander can tow a pretty big boat. Back on the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, tow ratings max out at 3,000 pounds. If your family boat is bigger than that, you're going to need the Highlander.

What it all boils down to is that the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is the best crossover for your daily drive. (Well, as long as you don't have some kind of insanely big boat at home.) Besides giving you the heartiest standard lineup, the Santa Fe saves you thousands on up-front costs. And once you get on the road, the Santa Fe even gives you the best fuel mileage. All things considered, the Hyundai's mid-size crossover is a world-class value.